Lateral thinker. Specializing generalist. Continuous learner.


Data Processing

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Algorithm Engineering
  • Data Engineering


  • Big Data Architecture
  • Micro-Service Architecture
  • Event-driven architecture

Programming Languages

  • Scala
  • Dart
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Python
  • R
  • Rust


  • Software Prototyping
  • Agile processes
  • Hypothesis-Driven Development
  • V-Modell


  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Digital Signal Processing


  • Android
  • Flutter

Work Experience (9)

Jan 2024 - Current
Freelance AI Engineer
  • Implementation of an LLM-based interactive chat-bot for circular fashion product design

    LLM, AI Agents, CrewAI, LangChain, Gradio

Nov 2023 - Current
Freelance AI Engineer
  • Implementation of an LLM-based interactive chat-bot for customer assistance

    LLM, AI Agents, CrewAI, LangChain

Oct 2023 - Current
Freelance Data Architect
Deutsche Börse (German Stock Exchange)
  • Migration of applications from Spark 2.4 to Spark 3.3

    Spark, Scala

  • Speeding up and stabilizing the development feedback-cycle

    Airflow, Docker, Tilt

Jul 2023 - Sep 2023
Freelance Data Architect
  • Evaluation and scoring of various technologies as future telematics platform

    Kafka Streams, Spark, Splunk, Snowflake

  • Improve test framework and scalability of Telematics streaming service

    Scala, Property-Based Testing, Kafka, Kafka Streams, Kubernetes

Apr 2021 - Jun 2023
Big Data Architect
Ultra Tendency
  • Implementation of a Big Data Record Linkage Pipeline

    Cloudera Public Cloud, Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Splink

  • Implementation of a CI/CD pipeline for the developed Big Data applications

    Ansible, Gitlab CI, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Creation of a PoC for automatic validation and correction of data, as well as record linkage

    Spark, Drools, Splink, Apache NiFi, Scala, Python

  • Set up of a new Big Data cluster for a European capital

    Cloudera Private Cloud, Ansible, Kerberos

  • Migration of Big Data applications to the new cluster

    Docker, Spark, Hive, Python

Aug 2020 - Mar 2021
Software Architect
Xencura GmbH
  • Design of the architecture and implementation of a prototype for the use of Industry 4.0 processes for individualized cancer therapy

    Petri Nets, Industry 4.0, Digital Twins, Scala

Apr 2018 - Oct 2020
Digital Innovation Architect
Wacker Neuson SE
  • Design and implementation of an algorithm to optimize the planning of production sequences subject to constraints

    Scala, Constraint Programming, Constraint Based Local Search, SAP

  • Research, design and development of a platform for processing telematics data

    Spark, Hadoop, Azure, Kafka

  • Analysis and improvement of telematics data quality

    Python, Pandas, scikit-learn, Spark, Time Series Analysis, Active Learning

  • Design and establishment of a data science workflow

    R, RStudio, Jupyter, DVC

  • Research, design and development of a central API Gateway which hides the complex system landscape of WN behind a simple interface

    Scala, GraphQL, REST

  • Conception and assistance in the establishment of agile processes in the IT department

    Scrum, Kanban, Pair Programming, Retrospectives, Root-Cause Analysis, Hypothesis-Driven Development

Nov 2008 - Apr 2018
Innovation manager and copartner, team lead Innovation Hub
crealytics GmbH
  • Implementation of an algorithm for automatically generating, evaluating and selecting ad copies

    Ruby, Branch and Bound

  • Design and implementation of a method for creating statistical estimations of conversion rates

    R, RStudio, Knime, Rapidminer, Regression Trees, Bayesian models, Support Vector Regression

  • Implementation of an algorithm for creating statistical models of search engine auctions and maximizing profit given additional constraints

    Scala, Bayesian linear regression, spline models, Computational Algebra, quasi-Newton optimization

  • Prototyping of various algorithms. Coordination between data science and engineering teams

    MinHash, Bayesian Vector Auto-Regression, ARIMA, Jupyter, RStudio, Spark

  • Creation of an ontology for products, brands and relevant search terms

    Natural Language Processing, Neo4j

  • Design and implementation of an algorithm for optimal matching of products to search queries

    Scala, Branch and Bound, Graph DB, ontologies

  • Implementation of a data processing pipeline

    Scala, Spark

  • Conception, submission and execution of a government-funded research cooperation project (ZIM Koop) with the University of Kassel

    Java, Exponential Smoothing, Bayesian Models, Support Vector Machines, Graph DB, Ontologies

  • Conception and establishment of agile processes in the entire company

    Scrum, Kanban, Pair Programming, Retrospectives, Root-Cause Analysis, Hypothesis-Driven Development

Oct 2007 - Nov 2008
HSM Systems GmbH
  • Implementation and commercialization of software for intuitive visualization of product structures in metalworking

    Java, Eclipse

  • Funded through governmental Exist start-up grant

  • Main tasks: Software development, key account management and internal orientation and organization

Projects (3)

Scala Node-RED
Jan 2022 - Current

Scala.js library for writing custom Node-RED nodes

Spark Excel
Jan 2016 - Current

Spark library for reading and writing Microsoft Excel files

Jan 2014 - Jun 2014

Scala Wavelet signal processing library

Education (1)

2001 - 2008
Diploma Computer Science
University of Passau
  • Focus on Machine Learning
  • Diploma thesis: "Self reflection and Adaption of Intelligent Systems: A Combination of Data Stream Clustering And Reinforcement Learning".
Grade: 3.3 / 4.0


Enterprise Architecture
St. Peter Polytechnic University @ Coursera
Medical Neuroscience
Duke University @ Coursera
Computational Neuroscience
University of Washington @ Coursera



Native Speaker


Business Fluent





  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neuroscience
  • Functional Programming


  • Meditation
  • Music (guitar)
  • Family